Outsourcing your Data Protection Officer Role

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Against a background of further high-profile fines and company reputation shredding, it may not be good news to learn that the GDPR may not be the last word in Data Protection regulation for organisations to contend with. The 2018 Data Protection Act is imminent and in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the European Data Protection Board ( the replacement for the Article 39 Group) is limbering up and consulting on further regulation concerning the electronic processing of data.

As a citizen, I approve whole-heartedly of the intention to provide protection for my data. As a business owner, I am groaning at the need to pick my way, oh so carefully, through what has become a minefield where the positions of various explosive devices keep moving. Most concerning perhaps, is the sheer distraction factor and the consumption of organisational energy better spent elsewhere.

Working with clients who either process large amounts of data or who are public authorities, or who are just bemused by the shifting nature of it all, has led JEM to devise an outsourced Data Protection Officer Service. Comprising updated advice and guidance, Breach management and mitigation services, internal data-flow maps and audits, document drafting, plus a helpdesk, we have secured contracts that cover 42 doctors surgeries. If you are tearing your hair out either metaphorically or literally, then it is time to contact us.

Miles Dagnall

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